Computational Genomics Undergraduate Research Experience


Are you interested in data-driven next-generation genomics, bioinformatics, or data science? Are you a biologist, computer scientist, mathematician, bioinformatician, data scientist, or biochemist interested in the discovery only possible through interdisciplinary collaboration? Are you interested in joining and leading interdisciplinary teams as we work together to study genome biology, molecular evolution, and the computational approaches and algorithms necessary for big data genomic analysis. This is the Omics Experience - a research site dedicated to Next-Generation Bioinformatics for Genomics-enabled Research in the Life Sciences funded by the Division of Biological Infrastructure at the National Science Foundation.

Our vision for this NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) site is to cultivate the talents of an intellectually and culturally diverse group of 10 undergraduate students each year drawn from fields related to the life science, bioinformatics, and computer science by engaging them in ongoing biological research projects that employ next-generation DNA sequencing technologies and high performance computing. These projects will span areas of bioinformatics, data science, cyberinfrastructure, data mining, e-Science, genome biology, organismal biology and molecular evolution. Students will be expected to lead and operate in small interdisciplinary teams. 

Our Primary Data

The development of next-generation DNA sequencing technologies are providing biologists a digital signal that is revolutionizing genome research.  This technology provides unprecedented possibilities for the characterization and understanding of genomes and for integrating molecular and organismal biology with studies of ecology, behavior, and evolution.  The massive amounts of data and the characteristics of the data create new challenges for biologists and computer scientists in addition to enabling collaborative teams to address questions in the life sciences with more depth and precision.  

A glimpse into the program  

Below you will find a video created to showcase one of the ongoing projects that you can be a part of if accepted to this REU.


Paul Anderson, Ph.D. (PI)
Department of Computer Science
College of Charleston
66 George St, Charleston, SC 29424

Andrew Shedlock, Ph.D. (Co-PI)
Department of Biology
College of Charleston
66 George St, Charleston, SC 29424

Dennis Watson, Ph.D. (Senior Personnel)
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Medical University of South Carolina
68 President Street
Charleston, SC 29425


More information is available by contacting the PI (Dr. Paul Anderson at; or co-PI (Dr. Andrew M. Shedlock at;

Please check this website often as new information will be posted over the coming months.