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2015 REU


Charlie thinks motorcycles are pretty cool, but he also realizes how ridiculous he would look on one. But if the world was full of piano playing, maple tree loving, motorcycle riding mathematicians, then he would fit right in. 


Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Connie is a big fan of the Red Sox and Celtics. When not engrossed in a sports game, she enjoys assessing the relationship between neurons and consumer behavior trends in the fashion industry. Above all, Connie likes long walks to coffee shops. 


Margaret is a scientist with a special empathy for black ants and other animals addicted to running. She enjoys playing the violin and unearthing the multipurpose culinary properties of tofu. Margaret wants to retire on an island.


Where’s my key? I put it right here. Have you seen it? Ugh, I’m so late. Okay, okay, so I walked into the room, set my backpack down, went to the fridge, and put my key right… heee-rre. Huh. I’m like so late it’s crazy. Are you sure you haven’t seen it? It should be there. Seriously, I’m like 20 minutes late, no joke. Yes, I already checked my pockets. Will you be here when I get back? No I don’t know when I’ll be back. I was supposed to be there like a half hour ago.


A naturalized Charlestonian, Katharine is happiest fishing knee deep in the pluff mud of a tidal creek. She spends too much time pondering the meaning of life and what her cats are thinking. Avid sock and ice cream enthusiast; maintains the belief that queso is just socially unacceptable soup.


Christopher grew up on a Goat farm in Western New York where he climbed to the top ranks in the Dairy Goat Showmanship Community. His life is a steady sway between R scripting, cognitive learning theory, and shoveling out barns. He also enjoys running, competitive ballroom dancing, and Philosophy.


David's obsession with fantasy baseball is matched only by his obsession with bioinformatics. Seriously, it's a problem. When he isn't poring over on-base percentages and gene annotations, you can probably find him sitting on his couch reading Herman Hesse and listening to John Coltrane.


Kellan is an inquisitive soul. He enjoys learning about complex analog and digital systems, and has a particular obsession with large bodies of water and Linux. During his free time he fortifies his math knowledge and participates in software engineering projects.


Emigrated from Ghana in West Africa. Francisca wants to go to medical school after graduating from college. She likes researching in biology and desires to learn computer programming as well. Speaks multiple languages and loves the USA.


Though attending school in Oregon, Heather is a born-and-raised Minnesota girl with a passion for all things living, breathing, creeping, and crawling. She loves sleeping in the woods, eating massive amounts of cookie dough, and getting covered in dirt.