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2016 REU


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Aliya Dumas is a biochemistry student at the College of Charleston. She loves all matters of science and even thinks math is fun! Aliya enjoys spending her free time biking around downtown because she says it feels like freedom. She also enjoys casually playing sports like basketball, rugby, and soccer. Aliya loves meeting new people and is considering attending graduate school abroad in pursuit of a PhD.


Amanda is from New Jersey, where she is pursuing a major in bioinformatics with a German minor at Rowan University . She enjoys traveling, reading books, baking, and cake decorating. Amanda also enjoys the company of her three dogs. She hopes to go to graduate school and skydive in the near future.


Bailey is a senior Animal and Veterinary Science major with a minor in Genetics. She is from a small town in southern Maryland and is currently a student at Clemson University where she spends most of her time being a hermit and studying a lot. If she isn't studying, she is either talking about animals or her favorite football teams, the Clemson Tigers and Baltimore Ravens. Despite her love of animals and goal of obtaining a DVM/PhD, Bailey is allergic to anything with fur. She hopes to use translational bioinformatics to aid in the care of animals.


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Geena is a senior studying Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology with a minor in Applied Mathematics at the University of Washington. Her love of math and science is rivaled only by her love of chocolate. In her spare time she enjoys playing tennis and running. Geena hopes to use bioinformatics in the study of genetic diseases.


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Julie is like a mole who likes to read, write letters, listen to orchestral music, and play instruments and video games. She collects penguin plushies and crochets small animals and fungi. She wants to grow sunflowers and jack-be-little pumpkins one day.


When not sitting at a computer, Sonia can be found staring at pretty things and getting perhaps a little too excited about them. She likes math, art, and prosciutto, either separately or in combination. Her spirit animal is the basset hound.


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